My name is Leilani Bush and I am the Joyful Medium.

As an evidential medium, teacher, Reiki practitioner, and spiritual wellness coach, I partner with you and your “Godsquad” (the Divine and your spirit guides) to understand who you are, what your soul needs, and how to remove the obstacles to having the life that you’ve always wanted.

Leilani Bush - the joyful medium

I have a passion for helping people discover who they are and how to lead a more bountiful and fulfilling life.

Leilani – the joyful medium

your journey begins with You

The REAL you! It’s time to stop going through the motions, look at your life, and listen to what your heart is trying to tell you. The first step in any journey is knowing where you are and where you want to go.

I use my intuitive gifts to connect with your Godsquad to help heal what needs to be resolved in your life and reveal a path forward that’s for your highest good. It all begins with taking the first step.

We will chart a course for your spiritual transformational journey and illuminate the path of joy in your life!

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Intuitive Tarot Readings - Leilani Bush

Intuitive Tarot Readings

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30-minute Session $75

60-minute Session $130

Tarot Reading Package  $500.00

includes (4) 60-minute Sessions
($20 savings!)

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Mediumship Sitting - Leilani Bush

Mediumship Sitting

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30-minute Session $75

60-minute Session $130

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Spiritual Wellness Programs

Has your heart been calling to you to live the life you have always wanted, but you didn’t know where to begin? Perhaps you want to restore balance and promote healing in your life? Let’s partner together to discover what passion is blooming inside of your heart.

We will have an initial consultation to assess your current situation, identify areas of your life that can be supported through spiritual healing practices, set goals and co-create an action plan to help manifest the life you’ve longed for.

Seed Program

Creating a fertile foundation to help you spiritually grow

(4) 1-hour sessions
in-person or virtual (phone / Zoom)

($20 savings for you!)

Package includes:

  • (1) Spiritual Intuitive Abilities Assessment to identify YOUR spiritual gifts and the members of your GodSquad
  • Instruction on principles of energy and chakras
  • Instruction on foundations of Meditation and Grounding
  • Develop a spiritual action plan to reinforce what you have learned

Miracle Growth Program

Deepen your practice and illuminate your path of joy

(8) 1-hour sessions
in-person or virtual (phone / Zoom)

($140 savings for you!)

Package includes:

All of the Seed Program plus

  • Learn Grounding, Cleansing techniques that will help maintain a peaceful and harmonious environment
  • Discover your specific intuitive abilities and how to begin working with them
  • Meet your God Squad (Heavenly Guides, Earthly Guides, Positive Ancestors) and how to partner with them in every aspect of your life
  • Learn psychic protection techniques and create your own customized protection ritual

Blossom Program

Develop your spiritual gifts and offer them to the world

(12) 1-hour sessions
in-person or virtual (phone / Zoom)

($200 savings for you!)

Package includes:

Includes both the Seed and Miracle Growth Programs plus

  • Meet your chakras! Energetic assessment, balancing techniques
  • (1) Reiki treatment to promote healing, calmness and balance in your body
  • Learn how to give readings using your intuitive abilities
  • Create your “Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities” Action Plan that will help you develop your intuitive abilities and deepen your personal practice

What my clients say…

My reading experience not only calmed my anxiety and frustrations, but it also reminded me to focus on the possibility of my future. It enabled me to keep pushing forward to my destination and not be waivered when I felt like giving up. Months later, some of the things that were revealed still resonated with me allowing me to realize my dream and most importantly see it to fruition. I would definitely recommend the services of the Joyful Medium. She creates a safe space to hear even the hardest of messages, delivering them with love.

Adero Rice, Charlotte, NC

When I met Leilani, I was heading in a new direction on my spiritual path. She helped me begin to sort out the confusion I felt about my journey and provided me with direction and guidance on my next steps. The information she gave was very meaningful for where I was, and she confirmed that many of the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing were valid. Her messages are firm and direct so there is no confusion about their meaning, but she delivers them with such warmth and love it’s like receiving advise from a trusted friend. I look forward to continuing our work together.

Annmarie Fisher, Charlotte, NC

Leilani makes life even more beautiful than it already is! Working with her, I’ve learned so much about myself internally. She is absolutely onboard with helping you figure out the best version of yourself; whether it be through a reading, taking her classes or getting Reiki done. I’ve experienced all 3 with her and I wouldn’t want to go through it with anybody else. Doing so, I found an amazing group of women that are at different levels in their own spiritual journey but we all have the same goal.. being the best version of ourselves. Thank you Leilani for all that you’ve done for me in such a short amount of time. I’ve learned so much from you and I have YOU to thank for such an amazing jumpstart. Your teachings are truly a new way of life.

Jada Tillman, Charlotte, NC

Leilani, the Joyful Medium is just that. Joyful! After having numerous Reiki and Tarot Card reading sessions, my spiritual path has become clear. I am more in tune with my spirit guides and I have never been more spiritually balanced. Leilani is thorough in her readings and interprets all of my sessions in a way that I can understand them. I love that she respects my beliefs. Everything she does is out of love and protection so I feel safe when getting my readings and Reiki. There is so much more I want to write but you have to experience it for yourself. She now has a lifelong customer!

Kamau Burbridge, Charlotte, NC

I had an intuitive tarot reading with Leilani. Along with her internal light she brought her gift of discernment to give me such fabulous insight into my own gifts and journey – things I had all along but wasn’t even aware of!  She connected the dots of past, present and future leaving me feeling energized, beautiful, enlightened and powerful. I would recommend any of Leilani’s services if you are looking to take your journey to the next level.

Diane F, Charlotte, NC

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